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Hydra : Liquid Immersion Cooling Systems

EngineRoom.io LABS proudly announces HYDRA™, a research effort to bring a cost effective Liquid Immersion Cooling System to market for HPC, Mining and FPGA Signal Processing.


ER Labs set-out to establish, design and support a non proprietary Liquid Immersion system that could be supported locally no matter your location on earth. Our system incorporates both the support and maintenance services of our trusted partners and supplier. Incorperating components from the well established OPil and Gasw Industry and award winning component design, HYDRAcan be delivered locally from


Dexion, Stauibli, Eaton, 

Capacities dealing with Immersion of thermal components generating from 50kW to 50MW are available. All systems come with a manufacturer backed 3 year guarantee.

Systems include:

  • Racking

  • Power Distribution

  • Power Supply* (Optional)

  • Cooling

  • Heat Exchangers

  • Fluid

  • All Hydra systems have integrated monitoring and a Hydra Dashboard interface for logging and monitoring Tank Temp on a tank by tank basis, Ambient air temp, pump flow rates, resevior levels, power draw and consumption, alerts and threshold alarms, etc via our HYDRA monitoring platform.

We also have an open source system called HYDRA #tank which provides both a component list and supplier list of companent to build a immersion rig up to the capacity of 40kW of thermal output.



Liquid Immersion Cooling Systems

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Intelligent / Electro / UV / Ballistic Polymers / Films & Advanced Materials Science

Quantum HPC / Machine Learning / AI / BigData / FPGA System & Tool Development


ULTRA/ Super Capacitor Battery / Power Systems

A small selection of our clients
   Current Research Areas

Quantum HPC / Machine Learning / AI / BigData


Intelligent / Electro / UV / Ballistic Polymers / Films & Advanced Materials Science

R&D & Current Project focus :

  • A.I & MACHINE LEARNING - PROFESSIONAL SPORT - Machine Learning Platform for Injury Intelligence Predictive Analytics for Professional Sport Teams. 

  • AI & MACHINE LEARNING - FINTECH - A.I / Machine Learning Predictive Platform for FinTech Options Trading Platform.

  • A.I - LEGAL INDUSTRY - Predicting case outcomes based on Factual discovery and Pattern recognition. Predictive Analytics in eDiscovery and “technology-assisted review” (TAR)

  • QUANTUM PROCESSING - ASTROPHYSICS - Exabyte scale Signal processing platform (OrtCloud) for the real time ingest and streaming of Tb+ data streams for Advanced Scientific Radio and Visual Astronomical / Cosmology signal / image processing.

  • ADVANCED MATERIALS RESEARCH - MILITARY - Use of Electro Polymers for UAV use as Adaptive / Active Camouflage. 

  • ADVANCED MATERIALS RESEARCH - MARINE Weatherproof Coating & Polymers for Marine use


Autonomous / Robotic Hull Cleaning

Port Energy Infrastructure

Marine Polymers

Marine UAV

Rescue Technology

TAGAI AUV SYSTEM (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle) - EnginRoom.io Labs is currently prototyping the TAGAI AUV Platform for the Autonomous Cleaning of Commercial Marine Vessels.


TAGAI AUV's work above or below the waterline for comprehensive inspection and/or cleaning of the entire vessel structure. 


ADVANCED OPTICAL SYSTEMS - (NEO) - Near Earth Object Tracking System using off the shelf optical systems and proprietary machine Learning platform.


Liquid Immersion Cooling Systems.

  • Delivering revolutionary improvements in DC Cooling performance and economics.

  • "Immersion-cooled systems do not require chillers, CRAC units, raised flooring, etc. This method has the potential to cut DC construction costs in half" - David Prucnal, P.E. at NSA

  • OEM servers are immersed in a cooling rack filled with a proprietary, nontoxic, non-conductive coolant , which provides 1200X the heat capacity of air. Heat from the servers is absorbed by the coolant and quickly removed from the rack. The result is a supremely energy-efficient data center cooling system with a cooling capacity up to 100 kW/rack.


EngineRoom.io LABS proudly announces HYDRA, a reaseardch effort to bring a cost effective Liquid Immersion Cooling System to market for HPC, Mining and FPGA Signal Processing. For more information Click here



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